Have you ever lost a Twitter Account because you forgot your password? We have developed a simple program that can hack Twitter and gain access to any account that you enter into it. By using our hack for Twitter you can get your account's password back quickly and easily. TwitHack is safe to use, we have implemented many security features to keep the user anonymous and untraceable. You can use it on the following Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, & all Mac computers. As well as Android, Blackberry phones, and any computer running the Windows operating system.

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App Options

In the options tab you will find a list of features you can turn on or off by checking the boxes.

– The email username/pass feature lets you email the username and password for the Twitter account after it has finished hacking.
– Enter in the email address you would like the username and password delivered to in the box labeled “Enter e-mail address”
– Ticking the use proxies box allows you to connect through a proxy before hacking the Twitter account. This provides more security for the user.
– The delay option is also another security feature. It gives the program some time in between attempts at hacking the account to prevent any alerts from going off on Twitters servers. The more you move the slider to the right the more of a delay is put in queue for each hack.

What makes us different from other Twitter hacks

We offer more options in our twitter account hack

Our software has features to protect your privacy and prevents any footprints from being left behind. The users’s privacy of our program is of top priority, many users also have requested other features that we intend to implement in the near future. We have recently released a stable version of our software that has been proven to work without any crashes.

Constant Updates

Twithack is updated at a consistent basis, unlike other Twitter hack software. As soon as updates are pushed out by Twitter we are informed by our team who quickly gets to work to update the Twithack program. Without updating none of the Twitter hacks being provided would work. Updates are free and give you a a easy twitter hack experience.
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How to download?

The twitter account hack program can be downloaded by clicking the buttons found on the homepage. Our software is free from any viruses or malware. Download our program now to hack into any Twitter account.