Have you ever lost a Twitter Account because you forgot your password? We have developed a simple program that can hack Twitter and gain access to any account that you enter into it. By using our hack for Twitter you can get your account's password back quickly and easily. TwitHack is safe to use, we have implemented many security features to keep the user anonymous and untraceable. You can use it on the following Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, & all Mac computers. As well as Android, Blackberry phones, and any computer running the Windows operating system.

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Main Menu

Here is the Twitter hacking program’s main menu. The program is easy to navigate with tabs separating the other features.

To use the program you have to replace the username with the account you want to hack. You can find this under the Account Info tab. After entering the required information you can begin hacking the Twitter account by pressing the start button.

Free to Use

Our software is completely free to use. We can give away a program such as this for free because it helps us test whether our methods and software actually works against Twitter. This gives us the knowledge and ability to produce other software related to other site other than just Twitter. In the future we hope to take away the necessity of actually having the program and making a free Twitter hacking site instead. The online tool makes it more convenient for those running on other operating systems.
Twitter hacking is easy

Direct Messages can also be Hacked

Often we don’t just use Twitter to tweet status updates but we also send messages to other people, some message are important and if we lose them it can mean a lot of trouble. Direct messages cannot be seen by followers, only be the person who sent the message and whoever received it. Hacking twitter direct messages can be achieved with our program. You will be granted access to all the direct message that have no been deleted in the account.

Hack Twitter Profiles as well

To hack a twitter password is useless alone, without the username you will not have access to the account. With the twitter hack we provide you don’t need to know what username or email used to sign into the account. All you need is the URL of the profile which can be easily obtained by going to the profile and copying the address displayed in the address bar of your browser.

What you get access to

After our program has given you access to the account you will have access to:

Posting pictures
Follow and un-follow accounts
Send and read direct messages

There are no limits to the account you have full access to the accounts features. We recommend you do what you have to do when you have access to the Twitter account as this gives you the best opportunity.

Twitter Updates

Twitter releases updates to try and counter hackers but we stay on top of what they try to throw at us. Any updates released by Twitter is instantly reported to us and our team gets to work, as soon as we find a solution we update our software and release it to the public for use. We have a big team of hackers from all over the world so we work tirelessly, spreading and sharing the workload between the other members of our team. Our Twitter hack is one of our hacks that we are very proud of as it has successfully worked for us and many others without any problems at all. We listen to the users that use our software and implement any ideas they have for the software in our future updates.

Problems using Twithack?

If you find that you’re not able to log into the account the next day you will have to run the program again. This can happen to either the password of the account being changed or Twitter updating their security features. We update our Twitter hacking tool often and as soon as Twitter releases a new update. if you’re still running into issues.